XPRESS Mandarin is a division of FundaSkills Pvt Ltd, a foreign language institute exclusively focusing on Chinese Language – Mandarin.

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The desire to learn Chinese language is on the ascendancy. With the Beijing Olympics of 2008 China, a country that was hitherto closed, had opened its gates to let the world a peak into its grandeur at a scale of progress not witnessed outside. From 1945, starting with an extremely humble agrarian society, China’s economic might was accelerated by the massive influx of foreign investments, and the industrialisation, coupled with the substantial infrastructure projects that followed. This has created an enormous business opportunity both from an entrepreneurial and employment perspective.

Why Mandarin


Learning Mandarin, which is spoken by 100% of the inhabitants of Mainland China is imperative in order to do business with the people of China. Given the fact only about 2-3% of the Chinese population speak English or any other foreign language, it is almost impossible to operate in China or with Chinese without Mandarin language skills. There is a clear move towards Asia specifically China and India from all directions of the world for the purpose of business investments. Be it to take advantage of the market potential, or the manufacturing and services offerings. India is arguably the only other Asian country that can rival China in every aspect starting from, culture, history, civilization, modern growth, market size and scale of operations.

Become a World Ambassador


So consider this- if you are an Indian who can speak Hindi, and English, and would like to add Mandarin to your suite of languages- you will now be able to converse with almost 3 Billion people (over half the world’s population) or as a matter of fact converse with 90% of the world’s population that can do business with you or give you employment.

“Being an Indian Who Can Speak MANDARIN is Arguably The Most Desired Skill That You Will Posses”


Why Xpress Mandarin


We follow an unique methodology to deliver language lessons that accelerate your learning because it focuses on the students listening and speaking skills. With the constant focus on listening, speaking, correcting and revising, the packets of learning are absorbed at an increased pace and retention is much higher than other methods. Given the unique writing style of Mandarin, the focus is also on developing the necessary writing skills.

The Xpress Mandarin Method


With our focus on smaller classroom sizes, the teacher is able to specifically focus on the student’s specific needs. We at Xpress Mandarin understand that no two learners are alike and each one’s needs have to be addressed individually. - It is this customized approach that sets us apart. The Material that accompanies the lessons, is tailor made for a student with a background in Indian languages. The material is also easy to follow and can be used as a lookup reference guide for life.


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