The writing system is quite unlike what we have learnt so far . So to start with, you conceive the language is daunting , scary and you approach the learning process with some agitation .

A combination of strokes forms a syllable with a distinctive syntax conveying a precise meaning. However, once you delve into learning the basic concept it becomes easier to comprehend .Deeper you delve into it, you develop an inherent curiosity to learn it .Your friends may admire you for knowing European languages but if they see that you have mastered  Mandarin , the admiration for you goes up by leaps and bounds. Moreover ,you establish a distinctive identity and you are proud of it.

Of course,   it’s a call for perseverance and persistence. When there is an urge to establish yourself. Moreover  hold your head high and have a separate identity ( not following a flock of sheep ) learning Mandarin becomes worth the trouble.

So here we are, to help you dispel your fears and anxieties, furthermore  make learning Mandarin an enjoyable experience

We will stay connected with you long after you have learnt some Mandarin from us also render any help you may require in future.

Below are the four reasons why Mandarin is easier to learn.

  1. Chinese grammar : The sentence construction is almost like any of our Indian Languages. Right from simple sentence formations and constructing sentences in Chinese in different tenses  it’s similar to Indian languages. We always say that if you want to learn Chinese, you ought to unlearn English .
  2. Verbs : This is the most significant advantage. Whereas in all other languages verb conjugations becomes imperative and not to speak of masculine and feminine , verbs in Chinese retain their originality . A prefix or a suffix Chinese terminology makes is pretty simple to learn
  3. Since Chinese is a tonal language , speaking Mandarin becomes rather difficult to remember, but since it’s also a contextual  language it is easier to understand.
  4. The first focus is  to learn Spoken ability skills ( also meaning listening comprehension skills.) We at Xpress Mandarin emphasis on this aspect. It is just not sufficient to learn the language but speak in such a way a native understands what you mean and vice versa. Hence there is lot more fun to learn.
  5. Pronunciation takes precedence and this calls for sustained practice and exposure . With so much of materials available at our disposal this need not be a problem. Be like, a parrot , keep repeating as a native speaker would speak, and you get the required skills. In Xpress Mandarin, this is what we follow and train in the learning process.

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