In an article on 13th June 2013, Talk Magazine has published in detail as to how the Chinese language is gaining momentum in the corporate world and how many are interested to learn this language for various end uses. They have brought out an exhaustive article about their interviews with Mr. BSN Rao, a retired RAW officer, and Swaminathan, Adjunct Faculty for Chinese language in IIM Bangalore

Swaminathan has had the opportunity of learning Chinese for three years in Bangalore University under the tutelage of Mr. BSN Rao, Since 2010 he has been engaged as a Freelance Chinese lang faculty teaching Chinese in various language institutes and presently heading Xpress Mandarin, which is a division of FundaSkills based in Bengaluru. And very shortly we will be commencing our pan India operations.

With increasing business activities between India & China in various fields, it has become imperative to have minimal spoken ability skills of the Chinese language to remove barriers and communications for better and fruitful interactions. So, Xpress Mandarin is focussing on removing such barriers.

He has developed course content (short, precise and functional) in spoken ability skills in the Chinese language for those who will have to know basic Chinese for their day to day needs in communicating with Chinese companies/nationals.

Also, he trains people to read and write Chinese characters and equipping them to acquire Chinese language proficiency skills and get internationally recognized HSK certifications and possibly for advanced management studies in  Chinese universities and for pursuing studies in medicine to become medical professionals

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