Basically a post graduate in Computer applications, I parallel studied and acquired a Diploma in Graphics and Animation. For over three years I worked as a Freelance Design expert.

As a means to utilize my spare time more fruitfully, I decided to acquire expertise in Chinese language (Mandarin Language) to serve as value addition in my profile. Initially starting off learning the Chinese language in  Vijaya Nagar, Bangalore, I made an effort to learn this language (on self-study mode). However I felt a formal qualification and certification in the Chinese language would greatly boost my career, I joined The Centre for Global Languages Bangalore University and studied for 3 years and successfully completed  Higher Diploma in Chinese. My starting to learn the Chinese language as a hobby initially,   has over the years has become my passion and I plan to do further advanced studies in Chinese language leading to internationally valid (HSK) certifications. As my passion is teaching M/s. Fundaskills Xpress Mandarin has given me an ideal platform to hone my teaching skills and share what I have learnt and impress upon others that knowledge of the Chinese language is a highly valued asset.