An MBA graduate who learnt Mandarin from Bangalore University as a hobby could not resist from continuing to learn the language. Began my journey with Chinese in the year 2013 and have not stopped since then.

Studied Certificate course, Diploma course and Higher Diploma course from Bangalore University’s Center for Global Languages. Holding the Chinese proficiency certification of HSK 4 & HSKK 2. Also been awarded the Confucius University scholarship for one year (2017-2018) to study in China (Zhengzhou, Henan), adding another feather to my Mandarin cap. The scholarship gave me an opportunity to use my Mandarin practically with the natives in China and there I was in China speaking Chinese (Mandarin & a little of Henan delicate) didn’t make me feel like an outsider to them and easily accepted one among them. Now coming back to India I am looking forward to lending my knowledge and help in understanding the local culture and other ethics followed my Chinese in China. No language is difficult to learn if every learning process is enjoyed and not seen as a burden.

“天下无 难 事 只 怕 有 心人”

Nothing is difficult on this Earth if one’s mind is set