About Us

The Tagline "Xpect,Xpress,Xceed" explained in three Steps


Expect to learn Mandarin! The very thought that you expect to learn Mandarin means you have already crossed the bridge halfway. You have already dispelled the feeling that Mandarin is a tough language. You have basically said - So what?


In Express time you will Express in Mandarin. The second phase is where you will spend most of your time with us learning and perfecting your language skills. Our expert guidance will take you to the next level where you will be expressing in a foreign language.


Our association with you goes way beyond the classroom learning. We will help you Xceed your expectations with what you can do with your newly acquired language skills. We will provide you the required network and tools to fully leverage the language.

Why Xpress English

We follow an unique methodology to deliver language lessons that accelerate your learning because it focusses on the students listening and speaking skills. With the constant focus on listening, speaking, correcting and revising, the packets of learning are absorbed at an increased pace and retention is much higher than other methods. Give the unique writing style of Mandarin, the focus is also on developing the necessary writing skills.

The Xpress English Method

With our focus on smaller classroom sizes, the teacher is able to specifically focus on the student's specific needs. We at Xpress manderstand that no two learners are alike and each one's needs have to be addressed individually. - It is this customized approach that sets us apart. The Material that accompanies the lessons, is tailor made for a student with a background in Indian languages. The material is also easy to follow and can be used as a lookup reference guide for life.


Meet The Team



Founder & Managing Director

Satish Kannan the Founder and Managing Director of Fundaskills is a seasoned Business Leader, with a background in Finance and Technology, a successful track record in company turnarounds and re-engineering operations. Broad experience with emergeing and developed markets having physically worked in 4 continents-ASIA, North America, South America & Europe.



Director & Faculty

A textile technologist by profession retired from active service in 2002. After a brief stint in Insurance sector, he took up learning Chinese language in The Centre for Global Languages, Bangalore University. Soon after graduation in 2011 he took up teaching Chinese language as a whole time occupation.




Post completion of Bachelor of Arts degree in 1998, and PGDCA from CMC, Rashmi pursued her interest in learning foreign language. Mandarin Chinese Language was her main choice, continued her Diploma in the subject through "Insitute of Indian & Foreign Languages, Bangalore". She has the credit of completing her Higher Diploma in the Subject from the Bangalore university.




An HR professional by education and experience, Meenal's love for learning new languages drew her to Mandarin Language,She thrives on challenges and chose Mandarin Chinese Language because it would give her that necessary edge. She has been actively involved in learning and teaching spoken and written Chinese since 2013. She is a HSK Level 3 certified professional.




Basically a post graduate in Computer applications, I parallel studied and accquired a Diploma in Graphics and Animation. For over three years I worked as a Freelance Design expert.




An MBA graduate who learnt Mandarin Language from Bangalore University as a hobby could not resist from continuing to learn the language, Began her journey with Chinese language in the year 2013 and have not stopped since then.